here’s the proof I clean up alright
(and that I’m capable of being serious)

Meet Christina Whiskhands
My name is Christina and I am a lover of kitchen creation and consumption.

I grew up baking and later cooking alongside my mom, venturing on to to do both on my own at a young age.  The only sort of formal training I have had was a one-quarter ‘Foods’ course in middle school, which admittedly, did not teach me anything my self-taught mother had not.  Much of what I know is through good ol’ trial and error.  Discovering fondant, gum paste and the wonders of candy-making re-fueled the fire for baking and sweet-making that has long since burned within.  As an adult, artisan breads and global dishes have become new and welcome obsessions.

I was raised an omnivore, later becoming a vegetarian during college and vegan shortly thereafter.  Besides being an obsessive baker, I’m a lifelong soccer player, (amateur?) runner, TRX enthusiast, gardener, writer and silly goober, among other things. A newlywed, I now live in our East Bay Area home with Mister Whiskhands, our three cats and our wiggly pup.

Who really, really loves broccoli.  Funny girl.

Vegan For All

This household is full of residents who like eating and enjoy good food (we leave the insects to the cats.) In our kitchen, there are no eggs, no dairy products, no honey or animal products of any kind.  We are proud to be vegans and encourage you to try the veggie life too, one meal-one snack-one day at a time, but the main agenda in our kitchen is to create really delicious things we can all enjoy together in the-table-is-happily-silent-because-it’s-good harmony.

These days I am loving baking and the sweets I produce even more than those I recall from my omnivorous days.  Don’t even get me started on my new found passion for vegetables that surely makes Mom and Dad proud. (Right, Mom and Dad?)  Soon, I hope to become certified to use commercial kitchens, thus opening doors to vending to local businesses and at local markets — but this, of course, will take a bit of time!  A woman has to dream, right?

And contrary to popular belief, I do sleep at night.  I do not stay up at night baking things to torture my co-workers with.


Contact Tastes Like Yum
email: christina(at)tasteslikeyum(dot)com
google chat: tasteslikeyum

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