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It’s been a while. Too long, right? In short, life has been crazy; my other blog is where I write about running and life in general.

As I settle into my newest position at work and start to hit a good rhythm with my run training, I’m hoping to return to baking more regularly. This Earth cake was created as per the request of last year’s whale shark cake birthday boy, for a world embassy themed birthday party. (He even requested the other kids come in cultural dress. This kid is the future President of the United States of America, or at least the future most interesting man in the world.)

Not a bad way to return to the kitchen if I do say so myself!

EarthCake 1

EarthCake 2 EarthCake 3 EarthCake 4

Vanilla cake with vanilla buttahcream frosting – 9″ two-layer cake with a supported 6″ globe, hand piped.

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