from Bubba to pesto on the cheap

What a whirlwind the last month has been!  Many things have happened, especially in the last couple of weeks. Allow me to first rewind and touch on something further back before the memory alludes me all together.

A very special little dude named Ben turned five and his mom told me that he’d love a cake that looked like Bubba.  Not one, but actually two (shh, don’t tell him!) stuffed Finding Nemo-esque plush clownfish, Bubba is (are?) most likely one of Ben’s favorite things in the entire world.  Enter his cake.

Start, during, FINISH!

Happy 5th birthday, Ben.  Hope you liked your cake.

After kicking off July with a vegan fish cake, it was full steam ahead till the now Mister Whiskhands and I got hitched.  Naturally I prepared like any other good bride: sampled a lot of donuts from pepples (where I got my wedding ‘cake,) tried vegan apple kringle (it’s like an apple crepe and a croissant had a super naughty love child!) and crammed my craw full of amazing homemade sushi thanks to my friend Michelle.

In the last few days before the hitchening, I made some gluten-free chocolate-chocolate chip cupcakes with swirl frosting for a coworker’s birthday.

And on our ‘homeymoon,’ we did take a trip to Napa to see Ziggy Marley.  While there, we had some delicious eats at the Pica Pica Maize Kitchen located in the Oxbow Market.  I was busy being cute in a dress and not carrying a purse, so sadly there are no pictures, but it did inspire us to try the fare at our more local SF location. Also on our homeymoon, we’ve indulged in two rounds of ‘cheapie’ vegan pesto, using raw cashews instead of pine nuts and a touch of nutritional yeast. I’ve also discovered the amazing flourless gluten-free fudgy world of black bean brownies make with black cocoa and peanut butter. Hell yes.

Now, to enjoy the last forty-eight hours with my new mister before returning to the working world.  Til then!

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