an amazing lunch discovery

Just yesterday, Margarita and I made an amazing lunch discovery… but first, a very important matter of business.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Ruby and Larissa on their engagement!  Ruby decided that their ten year anniversary meant she had “kept Larissa waiting long enough,” so she took months to plan and execute a beautiful proposal.  As you already know, making rainbow cupcakes is something that has grown only nearer and dearer to my heart.  This year serving up rainbow cupcakes – made with extra love with help from some friends – was but a warm-up to the real main event.  You can see how a celebration of their love made a splash here, here and here.  There were a lot of random folks around taking pics and crying too, so chances are you might be able to find more videos!  Thank you for allowing me and my oh-so-over-enthusiastic dancing to be a part of such a special event.  (Uh, trust me.  You can’t miss me!  HA.)

Right!  Discoveries.

Margarita and I wanted to do our usual stroll and chat, so we took a mid-morning break to walk to nearby donut farm.  There, we ordered up some donuts, but then she saw it: a lunch menu.  We squee’d ourselves, wiped up the floor, took a menu and donuts back to the office with us and returned that afternoon for the lunch deal.  Apparently the current “Fried Friday” deal meant we got free fries – with vegan ranch and chipotle!  (The sweet potato fries in the chipotle?  Tasty.  Do it.)

Fried deliciousness?  Yum.

Both of us ordered the Wildwood tofu burger.  It comes with fixin’s of course: sprouts, tomato, red onion, mustard, mayo.  We both added Daiya to our burgers, though the other offering of avocado (also for a small fee) would’ve been good.  The salads were completely naked but no matter, we ate them with our hands.  Well, I ate it with my hands, grabbing some greens with some fries and shoveling the lot down all together.  But that’s just me.

To be totally honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed my add-Daiya-no-mustard-I’ll-be-brave-about-vegan-mayo burger. The patties were done up just right so they were crisp on the outside. The buns were soft but substantial enough to not turn into a soggy, mushy mess. The crunch from the sprouts was really great and overall it had a nice balance of flavor, texture and ability to knock us both into happy food comas.

The funky, friendly staffers (we’re quite the duo, so that’s right up our alley!) and awesome interior (seriously, there’s a book for kids called Turntable Timmy??!?  For B-boys! For B-girls!) definitely gave our lunch an extra boost.  Thus, while I’ve never had a chance to enjoy their brunch, I highly recommend that if you’re around donut farm at lunch during the week, you give it a whirl.

Donut Farm is located at 6037 San Pablo Ave. Oakland 94608, serving up weekday lunch, weekend brunch and of course donuts.  For just donuts, visit their kiosk, open 7 days a week at the Ferry Building, San Francisco Across from Sur La Table on the South end. The donut kiosk is open daily.

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