December says 2012 is upon us…

…and I’ve been slacking in a major way!  Here’s what shiny things have distracted me for the last six months.

Work madness! I won’t bore you with the details, but my nose and the grindstone were BFFs for about four-ish months. Yikes. Towards the end of that time, I was reminded that the winter prior I’d signed up for my company’s West Coast edition annual challenge: run on a 12 person relay team, covering around 200 miles in just 24 hours.

my mom is faster than your mom (except you Jenn, we know your mom is an ultra-running beast)

As a training run, I ran our company’s 2nd Annual Bay Area 9k race with my mama! Her stubborn butt had been told “no running!” by her doctor after an illness, but no, she didn’t listen whatsoever. We pretty much ran 13 minute miles the whole way, and in the last 100 yards, she took off like a rocket!  (Notably, she placed in the top 10 for her age group at this year’s Turkey Trot.  Woo!)

I’ll admit that the day of the T9k, I had a little distraction problem.  Not only did I go early to set up before the actual race, my belated birthday gift was waiting in a wiggly fashion at home!  Yes, just after my birthday we adopted a fourth furry baby, but this is my first canine one.  After nearly 30 years, I got a 9 month old puppy for my birthday!

Formerly (apparently) known as Penelope, her new name is Juno and yes, we did watch the movie the night before we brought her home. Can you believe this sweet little girl sat in the shelter for over 6 months?

She thinks she’s a cat.  Most 40lb dogs don’t do this… right?

Right! So, August we got a puppy and I ran a 9k, then September was the Ragnar Relay Napa.  After working here for over five years, I finally made good on starting training for AND completing a company challenge.  I fell  for running in the process.  We’re definitely serious, we’re not exclusive (it’s a polyamorous relationship) but there could be an L-word on the horizon.

racing in at the end of my first leg to hand the baton (slap bracelet) off to my teammate

My team, Will Run For…, won our division! Okay, so there were only two women’s corporate teams and the other didn’t even start, but hey, the “Numero Uno” baton-medal on my desk says we’re first place!  One of the best parts was that the tear-off on the bottom of our race bibs was good to trade in for a free (neat! drunk-proof, almost!) wine glass and three tastings.  Yes please!

crossing the finish line as a team

More recent shiny things: seeing family, dressing up for Halloween and flashmobbing our coworkers, trying to clean the house/sell things/save up some money for a house some time down the road (far, far in the distance,) trying new places to eat thanks to Vegansaurus

As you hopefully see, the last six or so months has involved a lot of literal running around, which is not helped by the fact Juno is now a year old and is cleared to run with her mama – and believe me, her mama (that’d be me) needs it. Why?

ZOMG I BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS. Yes I know this is a food blog, but you’ll be hearing more about this as time goes on, so please accept it. You know you secretly love it. At any rate, you don’t get to see it but it IS hiding at my parent’s home till the big day in July. Hence, the ongoing distraction: planning a wedding. Not just planning a wedding, planning an offbeat/offbeat lite vegan-fare wedding.

And that is where I’ve been. There was a lot of baking and ice cream making involved too, but apparently I couldn’t be bothered with pictures. Or posting. Or anything really, even the dishes (thanks for doing those babe, love you!) and barely the laundry.  Ask my mismatched socks how laundry is going.  Thank goodness my underwear is clean.

In the hopper: plans for another birthday cake in January, more wedding-ness and a fresh post about how YOU can get my baked goods in your mouth this holiday season!

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