too hot to bake

As of late, the seemingly winter-y Spring we had has given way to full blown summer. This, sadly, means it is far too hot in my bigger-than-the-apartment-kitchen-but-still-small-for-a-house-kitchen to turn on the oven. When it’s 85 degrees inside at 10 o’clock at night and all three of your cats are too melted to play grab-ass, you know making it warmer inside isn’t going to help anyone.

double zinnia
a double zinnia from my yard, late Spring

While I had every intention of sharing photos of the ridonkulous prix fix four course meal the manthing and I had on Saturday’s very impromptu date night at Ubuntu, Napa, there were none taken!  Whoops.  We were far too busy being face first in the amazing fare (and I’ll admit I was a bit distracted by the couple whose table was next to ours, as they were speaking loud enough for our table and then some.  At least they were having a good time!)

We chose different courses for the first and second (apparently I was winner-winner on those two, though they were all delicious,) the same third course and the same (only) vegan dessert.

  • First course: English peas confit in allium oil, pistachio, assorted mints, lemon balm (me,) roast and raw asparagus, cool burrata coated with s & p potato chip crumbs (him)
  • Second course: a warm beet salad that is not part of their current non-prix fix menu (me,) the garden snake: lightly dressed greens, leaves, flowers, roots (him)
  • Third course: fresh extruded ‘seville’ orange fregola, a sardinian toasted pearl pasta (both)
  • Fourth course: what cannot be merely called chocolate cake with toasted coconut and avocado crema mousse amazingness (as well as other things I am sure I am not being eloquent about sharing)

So till I get around to making good on my recent threats of ice cream and frozen novelties, here are some shots from early in the Spring in this year’s backyard garden.  At the end are some shots of spoils I’m sharing with friends and coworkers.  More soon!

Champion radish
first to yield – Champion radish

from the bee garden
we planted a bee garden with help from my favorite local place, Annie’s Annuals (this is a Phacelia viscida)

baby rainbow chard
baby rainbow chard, baby golden beet (NOTE: I later learned they are not garden buddies, so don’t do like me.  Plant them away from each other.)

Emeryville grape
our Emeryville pink grape…

baby grapes!!!
…which is producing (I hope I hope!) this year!

Mission olive tree
Mission olive tree (might yield this year too)

potted strawberries
dirty pot or not, homegrown strawberries
are the best tasting ones in the world

And to share, a second round of shared spoils:
grown-up rainbow chard, two French breakfast radishes, two striped zucchini and one fattie grey zucchini (and my work desk, naturally. That, unlike the others, was not organically grown locally.)

spoils shared 2

spoils shared 3
“It’s even better than roses!” – Margarita upon receiving her vase-o-chard

Hope you get something better than roses today too!

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