and the winners are…

Wow!  Big thanks to everyone who had a dreamt a little Bob’s Red Mill dream and shared it with me.  It sounds like I must make those chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon soon, as they were quite the popular idea (so clearly they must be good, right?)

I utilized the ol’ random number generator to pull the winners.   But guess what?
three kinds of BMR
We wound up with FOUR.  Lucky fourth person, you lucked out that one of the winners is allergic to soy, so I decided to switch some items around so I wouldn’t accidentally send her into shock!  So here are the winners:

Comment 7: Mary!
“I have been wanting to try making my own seitan. It’s a little daunting, but if I had some of Bob’s Vital Wheat Gluten and an afternoon off, I could muster up the courage!

Or the egg replacer would be lovely too – I usually use flax or banana but sometimes the results are dense – great for muffins and breads; not ideal for cupcakes. I haven’t tried making a True Cupcake since going vegan!”

Mary, since you are allergic to soy I am afraid I cannot send you the soy protein powder or the egg replacer, as that contains soy flour, but fret not!  You will still receive two bags of BMR awesome, soy-free!  (And don’t worry, you can make cupcakes without the egg replacer — so your mission is still possible!)

BMR egg replacer

Comment 11: Phoenix!
“I’d have to google around a bit for the protein powder, since I wouldn’t know what to do with it (at first), but I know that I’d try sooo many new seitan and sausage variations with the wheat gluten, and the egg replacer would be very nice for my ongoing quest for the vegan maccaroon!”

Mmm.  Maccaroon…  coconutty American or French, that sounds good.

BMR vital wheat gluten

Comment 16: Caeli!
“Oh man, i’ve been unable thus far to locate anywhere that sells vital wheat gluten near me, so i’d love to get that and get making some seitan at last! Soy protein powder…i’ve never had any of this before either! Sounds like something to throw in the smoothie mix! And egg replacer, well that tends to work well in cookies…it’s mine and my boyfriend’s anniversary soon so I’d like to make him some cute little heart cookies”

The first meal I made my fiance was chicken cordon bleu… tells you how long ago that was!  Maybe you could seitanize it?  But seriously, heart shaped cookies are always a win at any age – and for any diet, so hope you have fun with it!

BRM soy protein powderComment 10, the bonus winner: Valerie!
“with the wheat gluten i would try to perfect a homemade morning sausage patty! the soy protein could go in chocolate peanut butter smoothies to make them seem healthy and to give dessert a semi-legit purpose! and the egg replacer would come in handy for a cheesecake recipe i have been wanting to try and the leftover for some chocolate chip cookies!!”

Wow.  Can I come to your house this weekend for breakfast and stay for the cookies?  Please?  I promise I’m nice and don’t take up much space and will help do the dishes.  I could really use a breakfast snausage (or seven, I’m HUNGRY) right about now.


Were you called out here?  Keep an eye on your email – I will be contacting you to set up shipping.

HUGE thanks to everyone who participated!  It was loads of fun to hear everyone’s ideas and I hope that you find a way to make them happen even if you missed out this time!  The clear conclusion from this contest was that I’m not BRM’s only whore, seitan is king, chickpea cutlets rule and damn, we like to eat.

And that’s awesome.  ‘Cause life should taste like yum.

three kinds of BMR

Well, this weekend is a big one for me – the grand his parents-meet-my-parents, who, cute as can be, have promised repeatedly to be on their best behavior.  Maybe they’ve forgotten these folks have already met me?

Wish me luck and happy MoFoing!


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