one of my favorite things

just right

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s the little things that make the simple things in life even better.

For example, I swear that using my favorite bowl and favorite fork made the baked crispy breakfast potatoes I made up for myself this morning taste even better.  Kind of like good company.

Yes, I have a favorite fork and bowl.  The fork is an odd-man out, no others like it in the drawer, but it is just the right weight and fits in my hand just right.  The bowl is the same – like it was built to be an extension of my hand to get everything from cereal to potatoes to ice cream in my face with efficiency.

open up DSC07337

Or maybe it was this?  (Which, as per the ingredient list, seems to be vegan… I sure hope I’m not wrong because it’s tasty!)
condiment of choice

Happy weekend, all. Happy weekend.


(In case you were curious, I cut up two wee russet potatoes and tossed them in a mix of egg replacer powder, cornstarch, nutritional yeast and spices.  Once coated, the pieces were placed in an olive-oiled glass baking pan, then drizzled with a bit more olive oil and baked at 450F till they were fork-tender and crispy.  Yup.  I’d do that again.)

2 thoughts on “one of my favorite things

  1. Vegannifer says:

    I agree that finding a fork that fits right in your hand is a good feeling. I have some like that at home and I’m glad to hear someone else has a fork preference, because I thought I was the only one!

    Great potato recipe! Sounds awesome!

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