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Yesterday, as I was driving to work, I was struck with a crazy idea — eating.  All day.  Didn’t pack gym or running gear, just left the house with every intention of cramming my craw with as much Flacos wonderful-ness I could with great company at lunch, nothing less.

Peet's, sugar and a gift from my cats

Really, it was 6-something AM and I needed some rocket fuel, er, coffee, and breakfast.  As much as I dearly love Ruby’s, a girl can only eat so many everything bagels with hummus before she gets a little bored.  Something warm, maybe a little sweet?

Then I remembered — Arizmendi.

Arizmendi is a local, worker-owned bakery and pizzeria within a short distance of some of my other favorite local spots (like Semifreddi’s old cafe, Doyle Street Cafe and of course, Rudy’s Can’t Fail — but I will save those for another post!)

scones & English muffins from Arizmendi's
(my team should get a little something too, right?)

This place is amazing in that walking in is an instant aromatic hug.  Even as a vegan I still appreciate the smell of the cheese snail things my boss loves so dearly baking, but there is plenty for me too!  Sometimes the foccacia is vegan, sometimes I get enticed by warm kalamata olive rolls or little French bread dough knobs, giant homeade English muffins.  The best part about Arizmendi for me is that there are always at least two things I can count on: vegan banana nut muffins and vegan apple cups.  (As of late, I’ve noticed a vegan cookie of the mint=chocolate variety I must try!)

vegan apple cup & banana nut muffin

The banana nut muffins are always sweet without being overbearing with just a hint of spice, a big sticky top and no need for a paper wrapper.  The apple cups… wow.  I remember the first time I tried them and was blown away.  Bits of apple and golden raisins in a perfect little mini brioche paper, crispy sweet on top, perfect with hot tea or coffee.

I only have eyes for Arizmendi's

Yup.  Breakfast.  Make-your-coworkers-jealous plate optional.

I never realized how much the little things, like knowing where to get a good muffin or treat at any time, truly count til I went vegan.  Now I try to think of these places as safe little treasures that I really am thankful for.

vegan apple cup

And well, it’s GOOD.  Duh.

vegan apple cup close-up

Arizmendi’s also has a rotating pizza menu, which they post on their website along with a listing of the bakery offerings.  I highly recommend if you are in the area that you stop by and check it out but hey, mind the signage – be a nice person and hang up before reaching the register.  They’re great, interesting people, so talk to them live and in person, ay?


Arizmendi Bakery is open all week but hours vary by day, “with reservations for pizzas to be picked up after 3:30 pm or for orders of 4 or more pies” available daily.

4301 San Pablo Avenue at 43rd Street, Emeryville, CA 94608 510.547.0550


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