MoFo runnin’ around

Yup, literally.  Runnin’ around!

Sorry I fell off the planet for a second there – the amazing company I work for (ingredients do not pay for themselves) put on a race this weekend!  Not only was I fortunate enough to run with my mom and sister for the first time, but I also volunteered in the rain with everyone else pre and post race.

Every year we have an annual Mother’s Day 9k where women run, with their gal pals, their daughters, their sisters, their sons 12 and under — but no men! Gals only. It’s really something to see when that gun goes off and hundreds of women go thundering into the distance, some with triple-wide strollers, leaving partners and husbands holding leashes and little hands.

At any rate, I found a lovely little surprise in the schwag bag when I went to pick up my race bib: vegan candy! I mean I was stoked that the only thing in there I couldn’t eat was a Luna Protein bar (Dear Clif, please switch to soy protein, thanks!) but vegan candy?  SCORE!

It’s no secret here at work that I am a vegan.  I’m the official Tofurky-maker every year for the Thanksgiving potluck and the go-to gal when another vegan has a birthday and cupcakes are required.  I never expected to see vegan candy in our race bags, but hey — with the amazing other goodies (Peet’s coffee, Sunbutter, etc.) why not have a so-close-to-York-memories Sjaak’s dark chocolate vegan mint candy too?  So, race team, if you were thinking of me when you picked out the goodies, I hear you loud and clear!  Feeling the love for sure.

Thus, huge thanks to the nice folks of Kate’s Caring Gifts (local folks of Fremont, CA) for donating to the race. I can’t be the only one who appreciated the little yummy AND a coupon to your store!

You can check me out running with my mom and big sister here on YouTube – or just look for “Title Nine 9k – Lisa, Emily, Christina.”  (And yes, we took the flip camera with us despite the rain.)  Don’t worry Dad, next race, we’ll pick one where we can all run together!

More soon, so stay tuned… I have something up a very giant sleeve that you will NOT want to miss out on 🙂


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