what do vegans taste like? (chick’n?)

me: At any rate, I will leave it optional for you – if you choose to taste like yum yourself, that’s fine, if not, we can still be friends.

him: lol. im pretty sure i taste like (and am made out of) meat, and there are no vegan cannibals, thank god.

me: I’m hoping that if “vegetarians taste better” then vegans are delish. No wait, then the cannibals will want to eat me first! Good thing I’m boney.

Thank you, Facebook comments.

The above conversation was one I got into with a friend after he noted that there is already a Facebook page dedicated to another blog, which is apparently “taste like yum.”  Eerily close, no?  At any rate, yesterday’s conversation was funny and it spurred many thoughts on my end – not just about “tastes like yum” versus “taste like yum,” but also about how my dietary path has lead me in many directions, affecting all channels of my life.  Observe.
level 5 vegan
Today, I decided to rock a pin an amazing Margarita (my PIC in Flaco’s addiction, who helped me become vegan in the first place) gave me.

Yup, I’m now recognized as a Level 5 vegan!  Level 7, here I come…

(yeah, this is my “I have Donut Farm love” shirt, if you will)

I <3 (pepples) donuts

Not pictured, the other pin, worn yesterday during the above conversation, that says “still vegan.”  Yup, someone made a dedicated answer-pin to the constant “Are you still doing that vegan thing?” question.  It’s a lifestyle, not a new South Beach Diet.  I don’t ask you if you still like women or if your opinion on your “favorite” double chocolate chip cookies at the cafe have changed…  I guess I just have a strong opinion on my own choices.

Right, I was telling a story.  I was rockin’ the not-pictured above pin yesterday, I got a surprise.   Low and behold, it was Melisser’s book!  You know, Melisser Elliot of the Urban Housewife fame!  (If you are yet uninformed I will hover over you wearing my “I’m at the muffin top of my game” shirt until you are up to speed.  Ready?  Okay, good.  If being a cookbook fangirl is wrong I don’t ever want to be right.)

Here’s my copy:
from "the Vegan Girl's Guide to Life"

And look!  Full color, beautifully laid out pages, great ideas and recipes…  honestly if you have even just gandered at the gelatin-free candy corn she makes and thought “amazing!” you need this book.

Did you get a copy too?  What do you think?

from "the Vegan Girl's Guide to Life"

from "the Vegan Girl's Guide to Life"

from "the Vegan Girl's Guide to Life"

One last note in this very random post: if you’ll be at the T9k race on Sunday, look for me! Say hello! I’m nice in person, I promise! And of course, I hope we all stay dry… 🙂


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