finally, a donut.

Consider my mind blown and my belly full. So happy. Oh, so happy.

My co-worker and I went out with her lady to lunch at our fave Friday spot – lady had never been and was pleased! Another omnivore who thought everything was great (I believe she had a taquito plate, refried beans, mild sauce.) After another wonderful lunch at Flacos (Authentic Vegetarian Comida Mexicana) we headed to… donut farm? Yes. Pepples Organic Donuts. Don’t bother looking for a sign, you will just simply know when you are there. Let your inner donut Basset hound guide you.  (In fact, if it’s Friday October 1 and 8pm, you shouldn’t be reading this – you should be at Pepples Donut Farm, helping them celebrate their opening with free donuts!  It should be pretty easy to spot then… hoard of people eating donuts.  Duh.)

Pepples Organic Donuts - Oakland

The sign – wish I’d snapped a pic – is just a white sign with small letters in the bottom right hand corner – “donut farm.” No “VEGAN!,” no “PANIC FREE ORGANIC,” no, just an unassuming donut hipster spot, perhaps. NO. Oh, no. I’ve been there once and already I refuse to let anyone say that. This place… wow. It’s amazing and I am sure can only get better.  I love.  If you see a lady doing lunges down the street, that’ll be me, “walking” to and from work, ’cause I will happily gain fifteen pounds eating these donuts.

right on the case

Okay maybe five, er, ten pounds, and then I’ll have to lay off for a while, ’cause they’re not priced like those things they sell at the big frighteningly lit grocery mart and I’m a workin’ woman, but whatever. Gimme more donuts.  Now.

the (glorious) flavor showcase
The case. Hell yes. The man who helped us out (presumably the sweet ‘stached owner?) was nice enough to just plunk the remaining donuts on the counter for us to choose from, as some were not in the case.

We plunked down some cash money and walked away with some fabulous, fabulous spoils in flavors I only could have dreamt of – delicious, soft, not-too-sweet crumbly smooth donuts in amazing flavors that yes, are vegan. Haven’t had a donut in years, yet I’ve never had a donut like this. EVER.

the spoils

We went nuts.  He was sad we didn’t bring him anything from Flaco’s (next time, we promise!) and reminded us several times, as the three of us picked out two dozen to share (mostly?  kind of?) we assured him we’d be back.  We had yet to taste them and knew we’d be back.

On that note, I think so far since I’ve brought the remaining ones home, I’ve eaten at least one and I think the man of the house has had at least one and a half or two.  Will there be any tomorrow?  Hmm…

They’re that good.  The blueberry, the Philz coffee, the strawberry and coconut and salted caramel glazed old fashioned…  Fresh.  Flavorful.  Not toothy-sweet, they’re just right.  So what are you waiting for?  Get yourself over to the donut farm for the best damned happens-to-be-vegan donut you’ve ever had.

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