a brand new chapter

There’s this guy I’ve known since… wow, fifth grade?  We played saxophone together all the way till high school, even going on the school win ensemble trip to Australia and New Zealand.  While I admit Facebook is now our method of contact, we keep in touch till this day, so I definitely felt provoked when he left me a message on my wall:

“I’d like to point out it has been way too long since you posted a recipe on tasteslikeyum.com.”

Dang.  You got me Ru.  This time I have at least a partial excuse for the long absence, but for kicks let’s get brought up to speed.

Things were changing and well, we moved.  Into a house with a real kitchen, bigger than a closet door laid on the ground!  It’s pretty amazing, really.
new headquarters

Welcome to the new home of the tasteslikeyum crew!
new kitchen

During the move, both of our bookshelves broke and we still have yet to get new ones, so my cookbooks have been whimpering quietly from two boxes in the garage. While this isn’t exactly an excuse, please know it took me till… two days ago to free them, cradle them lovingly and pour over them again. I will never, ever leave you behind again.

What else? OH YES. My incredible co-worker (who notably helped me transition to veganism) introduced me to a new, beautiful, torturous, oh-my-goodness thing to be addicted to.  We have agreed that we both have a serious problem when it comes to the beautiful tamales we buy at the Berkeley Bowl (my favorite is the no dairy corn and chile, of course,) but then her eyes lit up one day and I knew I was in serious trouble.

(Aside: This is the same woman who remembers the day that changed my life– the day she received Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  Apparently when shown, my eyes lit up and the sun came shining out of the book, but a stamp on that letter I was sending to VeganTown for a one way ticket, never to return.)

Oh, sigh.  Hi, my name is Christina and I am refusing to recover from my growing addiction to the food at Flacos.

“Hi, Christina.”

taquito love
Recently I departed from the usual tamale plate to try the taquitos, thinking they’d fuel my baking as I head into Fall. Now that they started serving pan dulce (today was day one and I missed it! noooo) I don’t think I will ever be able to hold a candle to any other similar venture.

Flaco's is love.

Okay fine, I didn’t fully depart from my beloved tamale.
tamale plate with taquito

I will be working on that rugelach recipe Ru! (And possibly some killer recipes from Happy Go Marni.) Till next time…

One thought on “a brand new chapter

  1. Margarita says:

    Awww HUGS! And you made me really hungry all over again! Let’s huddle and come up with a date for a serious tamal making session. I bet we can come up with some crazy good fillings. (…and, oh, that poor dead blogger blog!)

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