simple scramble

My interwebz friend MJ, wicked vegan mama on a mission to help her wee one love veggies, asked the other day about tofu scrambles.   Many folks have blogged about this before, but today, it’s my turn 🙂

As many other vegans lament, breakfast and brunch are often sore spots.  As we may be invited out with friends and family for a wonderful morning of good company, there is nothing worse than sitting with a sad side of fruit and dry toast while everyone else tucks into pancakes and omelets.

(Lucky for me, there’s a place near work that serves up more tofu scrambles of many types – and there’s always that hope you might see Green Day while you’re there.)

I used to be into omelets and scrambles on weekends or as a special breakfast as an omnivore.   Now I’ve discovered that I actually like tofu scrambles more – more versatile than anything that comes in a shell, filling, nutritious, and I want them all. the. time.   It’s the number one Saturday morning breakfast request in my house.

The basic recipe I use is from Vegan with a Vengeance.

Step One: Mise en place – super important!  Get your spices and nutritional yeast ready while your tofu is pressing.  I personally prefer to press the extra firm tofu for at least 10-15 minutes.  A few times I accidentally got light extra firm and had to press it longer.
(the unlabeled containers are smoked paprika – do try it if you haven’t! – and thyme; blue bowl has measured spices, red has nutritional yeast)

Step Two: Also while your tofu is pressing, prep your veggies — for this one we did the ol’ “what’s in the fridge?” routine and wound up with onion, garlic, broccoli florets and baby carrots.  On medium or so, heat some olive oil in your cast iron skillet (because you have one as they are the best skillet in the world) and get the onions going.   I like to add chunks of garlic, so I add that to the onions as soon as they began to lose opacity.  When the time is right, add your veg.

Step Three: Now don’t forget, everything is cooking as we add, so you’ll have to adjust accordingly if you like your veggies extra done or extra crisp — I prefer a lite softness such that the crunch isn’t raw, but dislike mushy. If you’re getting close, go ahead and add your already measured spices to the pan and let those cook with the veg for a couple of minutes.

Step Four: Everyone in! I like to add the splash of water to deglaze the pan, then the nutritional yeast, and then crumble on the tofu.  Apparently I strayed from my routine while trying to take these pics – also, think about how small/crumbled you want your tofu.   If you want big chunks, start like I have here because it will break more as you turn and stir.  If you like it in bits, break it up a bit smaller to start.  Make sure you scrape all the good bits off the bottom and “fold” your scramble to mix at first.

Do not rush this step! I find that the tofu, veg, water-spice slurry need time to jive together, otherwise you’ll get flavorful outsides and plain tofu middles, which is not my preferred version.

Once it’s all incorporated and everything is cooked to your liking, dish up. Step Five is super easy: MANJA!

The best part is that you can use whatever you personally like with your own flavor twist.  Think of the bowls of scramble, the scramble burritos, the joy radiating from your tastebuds!

Happy Scrambling 🙂

4 thoughts on “simple scramble

  1. Callie says:

    That looks delicious! I usually hate broccoli, but that looks beautiful. I would personally chop things smaller. I like to add some vegan cheddar cheese in SOMETIMES too so I get a bit more oomph in it. Tofu Scramble is certainly a unique and fun food, and there’s no nasty eggy mess in it to upset my tummy! (Eggs literally make me sick.)

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