herbivorous, of course

First, a quick little plug for Melisser of the Urban Housewife (who was also featured  in the most recent Vegetarian Times): please help to continue to show your support and excitement for the upcoming opening of Sugar Beat Sweets, SF’s first all vegan bakery storefront.

(If you missed their fundraiser shirts, I am so sorry ’cause they RULE.  If you see my SoCal doppleganger rockin’ one, say hi!  It’s probably my non-vegan but still cool sister.)




Ah yes… I’m alive still, see?

In January, I was given the opportunity to make birthday goods yet again for she who is most likely my favorite vegan babe – maybe because I don’t know many vegan kidlettes?

That aside, her awesome mama made sure I knew Kayen’s latest obsession included dinosaurs.  As these were made for a wee vegan, the choice was obvious: use herbivorous dinosaurs!

I’m sorry that I didn’t get better photos of them, but I’ll admit there had been a little fun-having on my part so I was quite tired by the time I got them all decorated and delivered that Saturday morning.  Luckily, a nice woman at the party snapped some photos, so I thank her for letting me “borrow” them for this post.   (Thanks Tallie, much appreciated!)  The cuppies were chocolate-vanilla swirl with a big dollop of vanilla “buttercream” on top.  Nothing says 10am like a bunch of sugared-up waist-high humanoids, right?

handing off to Flo (ha, you can tell, I did not sleep much the night before… I promise I’m normally much better groomed in real life!)

blue triceratops, green parasauralophus, and (oops, man down!) yellow brachiosaurus (these were all made of gum paste – the parasauralophus had three pieces at most each for the head and two arms, the brachiosaurus all had a long neck in the front and a long tail to match in the back.)

and my favorite: lookout, the cupcakes about to be pounced upon by oh-so-patient little hands!

There are more birthday cupcakes coming on the horizon!  Till next time…

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