VMF09: Vegan Friendly


A fresh, real post or two is in the works even as I type this (c’mon and load, pictures, you can do it!)

Last week was a doozy.  Prior to departure, exhausted on Friday night at the airport, I had been thinking, “Hey, I’m taking a trip with the man I love to visit family down in Southern California.  Maybe I will have an opportunity to take pictures and talk about what it’s like to eat vegan while traveling!”  We all know it usually takes some planning and research, lots of questions, possibly some accommodating hosts…

Then we discovered that some places and folks just aren’t as vegan friendly.  We actually had a woman at a restaurant tell us she was far too busy to answer questions about the food.  When asking folks we were with what was good at the same destination, we began getting answers like “Oh the ahi is delicious!” and “They made me the best cheesy omelette when I was there…”

We wound up not eating at all.

The best meal we had all weekend?

Post 60 minutes-to-get-from-SFO/101-to-80 (ridiculous if you live in the Bay Area) drive Sunday night that made the hour trip from the airport home nearly two hours, we heated up the oven and popped in the most delicious thing we’d had in about 72 hours: a frozen vegan Kashi pizza.

still frozen 1

This weekend’s lesson?

Even during VeganMoFo: take no tasty and accessible vegan-friendly meal for granted.


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