VMF09: Lazy Girl Vodka Pasta

lgvp1Last night I was having this problem called “Help, I’m lazy and hungry and don’t want to eat Sour Patch Kids for dinner.”  Well, there was also that little detail about how my boyfriend had already finished the sour candy but that is beside the point.  A few days ago I started playing soccer again, I’ve been doing loads of manual labor at work this week, I was HUNGRY for something.

Something…  comforting, savory, filling.  Hmm.  A quick poke in the fridge and a trip to the cookbook shelf later, I figured out what I would be making for myself while someone else was out playing basketball: pasta with vodka sauce.

But simmer?  For how long?  Canned soup started sounding pretty good till I reminded myself that the other day I vowed to try to use what was in the pantry for more inventive meals.  This vow may have only been made to myself mentally as aside but I want to try to stick to it as I hate seeing food go to waste.
An open bottle of vodka in the freezer?  Check.  Soy milk powder to make creamer?  Check.  Open jar of marinara?  Check?  One serving of pasta?  Check.

Dinner is on.

The recipe I referenced in making this was from Giada deLaurentis’ Everyday Italian, which I’ve possessed since my omnivorous days yet never truly explored.  Based on the proportions given, I eyeballed the sauce, vodka and ‘creamer’ and substituted our good friend nutritional yeast for parmesan.  At first I was worried it wouldn’t be as creamy or savory or well, good as I recalled the dairy version being.  Could soy creamer and yeast really do it for this picky, hungry-bordering-on-hangry* girl?

The result?


I’ll just say my bowl was empty.




(If you want a ‘vegan’ bowl, mug, dish set, serving wear, anything ceramic for yourself or someone who deserves something special, please visit Vegan Dish‘s shop on etsy!)

* hangry: a the state in which hunger causes a change in mood such as cranky behavior, inability to say anything nice and overall complete social shut-down; a directly related cross of hunger and anger


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