VMF09: Peanut Butter Granola Bars

These chewy, sweet, stick-to-your-ribs yummies were my Monday offering to the hungry folks in the office.  My batch was a lightly-adapted version of this recipe from Bittersweet.



My adaptations were using half agave and half brown rice syrup due to ingredient shortage/my laziness in going to the store and adding some mixed raisins for a change in texture and taste.  

Reviews were mostly good but with constructive criticism which I do appreciate.  How can you grow without trying?  Happily I can say I got some good words in response — my main mission in VeganMoFo-ing around the office is to expose everyone to the yum without laundry lists of mystery ingredients and prove there is much more to vegan food than tofu and the crumbly dry scone or cookie they tried “that one time” at “that one coffee place.”  Thus, these were a win.

Plus my boss and I both have this thing about peanut butter.  Win!


The good folks said:

     “omg delicious!  you should mass produce these and sell them!  i’d totally buy them.”

     “ok, here’s my critique.  they are yummy, but a little too sweet.  consistency is good, but i’m going to have to pace myself on this one.  agave is really sweet, but kudos for trying new things!”

     “the consistency is good and it is yummy.”

     “and they’re delicious.”


And yes, I’m that person in your office, the one who brings in food and then emails everyone about it.  At least I didn’t attach photos this time!




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