happy vegan mofo 2009!

Okay okay, so I had some design issues last night that will be remedied, but wanted to throw up a quick little post just because I’m oh so excited.

Happy VeganMoFo all.

I am thankful to participate this year!  After nearly two years of veganism I have learned a lot, explored foods I never would have thought to pick up at the store to look at, thrown out many pots and pans of failed experiments and grown a lot as a person via this new journey.  Hopefully VeganMoFo will be my golden opportunity to share my thoughts with you all and prove that I do things besides bake cupcakes; an active whiskhands cannot survive on crumbs and frosting alone (yea, I’m talking to you Melisser!)  Ganache is nice and all, but sometimes spring rolls are a better meal choice.

Today after I complete my time at that whole “job” thing, I will be trekking to to Whole Paycheck for supplies… then home to get cracking on some deliciousness to share with the world.

Now if you excuse me, there are some peanut butter raisin granola bars that need to be whacked up and shared.   Happy MoFo-ing!


To join up, contact Kittee by tomorrow, Friday 10/2.
The official VeganMoFo site is here.

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