wear your pride on the outside

Okay, okay, so I have been hiding under a pile of catalogs and recycled scratch papers with spreadsheets on one side and my scribbles and sketches on the other.  Sadly I have been neglecting my duties as a vegan foodie in all aspects.  Several Iron Cupcakes have been missed, a weekend visit to San Diego with surprisingly delicious and abundant vegan fare went un-photographed and unrecorded…  The list goes on.

Lucky for me, the wondrous do-it-all righteous director herself Flo of Mynah Films managed to capture the fun and essence of shared sweets, that love is love is love and of course, a bit of my handiwork. 🙂


Pride Weekend was coming up.  Here in the Bay Area, Pride tends to be a pretty big event!  To boot, “Fiona’s Script” (maybe you can still catch it!) was playing at Frameline‘s thirty-third San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, the largest in the world.  When she asked me to make some miniature rainbow cupcakes to share with friends and potential friends at the park pre-march Saturday, I had to oblige.

Er, and let me publicly apologize for not making all of the cupcakes rainbow.  It was late and I am sure the peach ones were good too, but still.  Consider this your public IOU for rainbow cuppies next year.  Seriously, I will put in my calendar to remind me if I need to!

Enjoy these lovelies enjoying some little yummies!







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