surprise! you’ve got cookies

A quick but cute, cute story.


I got an international request probably about a week ago.  A co-worker/friend of mine, who has given me many an opportunity to flex my culinary muscle, put in a request for a surprise delivery.  As our dialogue via e-mail continued, the details were hashed out and it turned out the recipient-to-be was having a less than pleasant week.  This was going to be a happy way to end the work week, we hoped.


So I made pumpkin cookies two ways, wrapped ’em up pretty, and delivered them, skull-and-roses apron and all.  If you saw a woman in an apron walking down 4th Street in Berkeley today, it was probably me.


It turns out that she had started out that morning a not-so-happy gal and then was quite pleasantly surprised.  My guess is that the day ended fairly well.

Happy Friday Holly. You are one lucky girl 🙂

3 thoughts on “surprise! you’ve got cookies

  1. holly says:


    it was a fantastic surprise! sorry if I seemed totally perplexed. I’d spent the morning crying so was a bit thrown by the spontaneous kindness that appeared at our office door…

    thank you so much. the delicious cookies were relished by me and my favorite coworkers.


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