Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Earth Balance, Crack

Maybe I am alone on this one, but I always felt the oddball because practically everyone I knew growing up loved those junky, too-long-ingredient-list-last-time-I-looked sugar cookies, bright pink and yellow with jimmies on top, sitting in their sealed plastic clamshells in the bakery area at the supermarket. Yeah, guilty parties, you know who you are. Honestly I never liked them. Soft cookies usually don’t do anything for me. Chewy or crunchy is more my style.  My sister has a soft spot for them.  Not me.

Frosted Sugar Cookies 3

But these. Oh man. These made me a convert. Sure, they made me like soft cookies, but just how good were they?   Savory is my SO’s style. After dinner last night, he announced excitedly that he was then going to eat those frosted cookies I had made — but I had taken them to work and they were long gone. I believe the dialogue went something like this:

“Noooooo!!! No! No! Make it stop! Make it stop!”

He was banging his hands on his head as he yelled this repeatedly. I ran for the fridge and my apron and made more  as quickly as I could. And all was well.



True story.



I want to make one more batch before I share the recipe because I would hate for anyone to be let down!  Two batches so far and the second batch was the winner, so…  there are tests to be run.  Crumbly but cakey, soft and sweet, these babies are worth waiting for.  I promise.  And then you too can make them so your SO doesn’t go crazy.

Frosted Sugar Cookies 1

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