come work in my department

In my department at work, we like to do birthdays up big, taking over the birthday gal’s desk and surrounding area with an all encompassing theme.

Made for a ‘birthday barn dance,’ I present to you the first cupcakes I have actually made and decorated since receiving a copy of Hello, Cupcake: some vegetable garden cupcakes.  While I did not have all the different types of candy they listed, I think I did a pretty good job improvising if I do say so myself.

Everyone enjoyed eating their veggies today!

birthday wish

a birthday wish for the birthday gal

how does your garden grow?

rabbit got to it.
Rabbit got to the carrot patch…

not cherry tomatoes - carrots

my favorite type of radish


Also, a little shameless self-promo: don’t forget, Iron Cupcake Earth Battle Soda Pop voting is now open!  If you fancy, please show my Sunny Piñacocopop Cupcakes and two of your other favorites a little love 🙂

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