busy girl.

Yeah, I admit it.  I’ve been slacking on the posting.  While they don’t smell like cookies, here are my excuses:
– almost literally buried under catalogs and samples at work for a bit
– baking accidents and laziness of photography
– that whole “life” thing
– gasp! I haven’t been baking as much.

When I promised the savory post I had just discovered the joy of cashew-tofu ricotta.  While I thought I was going to be posting pictures of stuffed shells made late at night, me falling asleep before remembering the leftovers in the kitchen made for spoiled food.  What was the point of plating and photographing that which I could not eat?  Then I began embarking on my first ventures of artisan bread making thanks to the Bread Baker’s Apprentice – but lack of sleep made me forget about things like photographing my work till after I realized it’d been sliced, put out and eaten.

But here’s a few things you may have missed in my absence.


I made a few cakes.  Here’s one:


This was not just any cake – it was a birthday cake made per special request for an adorable and bubbly turning-two-years-old vegan babe!  I was fortunate enough to have made mini-cupcakes for her first birthday (for mom, dad and guests – the birthday girl had “cake” made of fruit) so I jumped at the chance to make her second birthday cake – one the birthday girl herself would actually be eating.  To accommodate the allergies of a couple of the party guests, the cake was apple- and nut-free, as well as gluten-free and alternatively-sweetened.  And hey – shout out to mom’s other baby, Mynah Films while we’re at it!

I also missed a couple of Iron Cupcake: Earth battles because I was so busy 😦  One I even had a recipe ready and everything!  My creation?  Coffee coconut cupcakes, made with coconut milk, housing a layer of sticky coconut filling beneath a Kahlua-laced frosting hat.  You know, since cupcakes are little edible heads.  Or something.

yes, that’s my new favorite utensil in the background – a rainbow silicon-coated balloon whisk

close-up of the inside, om nom nom
And of course, I found time to try to please as many co-workers as possible with random batches of goodies that save them $5 at the cafe across the street, yummies to help fuel the ongoing half-tri and half-marathon training most of us are participating in, and unofficial muffin Mondays… which I hope to continue tomorrow! 🙂



I am now off to finish some care packages and do a bit more recipe tweaking and experimenting.  Heres hoping that April will be a big month for me – I am determined to create, photograph and post as much as possible!

Hmm.  But first?  I think it’s time for brunch 🙂  I’m thinking maybe scrambled tofu.  And that I cannot wait till my next pre-ordered cookbook arrives.

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