vendor week again!

Just a quick post before I forget to share these pictures entirely!  This last Thursday was the end of a very hectic week for my department at work, so naturally, I wanted them to start off the week with something really special.  I thought back to a conversation one of the gals had with my boss about how individual cinnamon rolls are so special, always looking so appealing yet never as delicious as an ugly homemade one.  Of course, this was no slight at my baking, but I had to take it as a challenge nonetheless.

first batch of individual cinn. rolls
I knew those Teflon-cupped muffin pans would really come in handy someday. After baking and cooling, I placed them in paper cups for transport and presentation.

for my co-workers
Finished cinnamon rolls and homemade cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies.


Later in the week, it was time for a donut breakfast.  Mainly because I am so stuck on making as many different renditions of VeganYumYum‘s baked mini donuts as I possibly can.  It also didn’t hurt that I was having to battle my boyfriend for them in order to ensure any were even around to be taken to work – thus, I wound up making three kinds.  You know, just in case.

vanilla minis with chocolate glaze
The first batch, which I battled my boyfriend for – vanilla with chocolate glaze. I didn’t think to add jimmies otherwise they could almost have been mini Homernuts! I must make those, pink glaze and all…

lemon with poppy decor
Round two, lemon with poppy seed decor.

mocha almond
And last but definitely not least, mocha almond with a coffee-scented chocolate glaze and powdered sugar.


Yes, they are spoiled – but gracious and thankful, so it is all worthwhile.

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