Iron Cupcake Earth: Battle Cheese

It’s like at the optometrists.  Which is better?
Better this way cheezaster

or now? profile

If you have stopped by the blog lately you may have noticed the pink and blue badge proudly displayed.  A long time fan of Iron Chef (albeit hard to watch these days, what, with the veganism and all,) the idea of constant cupcake battles was alluring.  Could I, in my wee apartment kitchen with my self-taught methods, be an Iron anything?  Of course, I did not realize that I would be called upon to participate in the newly-introduced battle though I had joined after it’s announcement.  Of course, what was it?


Oh man.  I did really love cheese for a long while; it was the very last thing I ‘let go of’ when transitioning out of vegetarianism. I no longer crave it, rarely if ever eat vegan cheeses and only use vegan cream cheese for baking.  Lucky for me the invitation to interpret ‘cheese’ sparked something else, something I am still a novice with: nutritional yeast.  Clearly depicted above, epic fail does live in my kitchen (that one had nothing to do with nooch though!) but so do small victories.  Can you see me?  Doing a small victory dance for having completed?

On to the good stuff.

My creation that was not full of epic fail: Cheeze Pear-ing Cupcakes to some of the gals at work, or if you prefer your dessert names straight up, nutritional yeast cupcakes with vegan cream cheese filling, fresh pears and cream cheese ‘icing’ drizzle


inside - cropped
I even made a second batch that had prettier middles, more centered, but because the second batch was made to fulfill the request of those who missed the first, it went unphotographed.

The verdict? Perfect for those who prefer not-so-sweet desserts. Great for using that last ripe pear, trying to make something with nutritional yeast without macaroni and for those who are willing to take a little adventure and be back in time for dinner.

Next time? I’d serve them outside of work, so we could pair them with wine.


Why do it?
The lucky winner gets smothered in wondrous schwag:
ETSY artist ART ON THE MENU with her awesome little cardboard cupcake
– a pair of cupcake earrings from Lots of Sprinkles
– bonus for October! awesome tee from Bakelove Bakewear
And some from corporate prize providers:
– stupid cute Head Chefs by Fiesta Products
HELLO CUPCAKE by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson
– sweet, retro Jessie Steel Aprons
– the much coveted Cupcake Courier
Taste of Home Books
Also: Iron Cupcake:Earth is sponsored in part by 1-800-Flowers

Winning recipes could be featured in a future ICE cookbook too!

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