It’s true.  I got around to making a test batch of vegan baked maple bacon donuts, after many, many threats.

autumn breakfast?
Whaddaya think?  There may be some tweaks to be made, so no recipe yet.  However, I do have plenty of maple syrup still, so rest assured this idea is not yet over and out.

This little gal is exhausted post company olympics yesterday. We bring the meaning of ‘play hard’ to a whole new level, one that means I could barely dress myself this morning. Thus, I would sit and write a lovely full, post for you all, but I am too lazy/tired/hungry. For now, I’ll just share a few other things I am currently working on:
– perfecting the orange cream dream cupcakes (I just have to re-test my recipe, really)
– dreaming up a cake for the 40th birthday of a bacon lover (she dressed as a slice of bacon for Halloween last year… this is interesting as a vegan, but it’ll work!)
– revisiting the churro cupcakes I wanted to make for the SHF challenge I missed 😦
– putting final tweaks on some orange chocolate truffle cupcakes
– making incredible oven edibles thanks to my new mandonlin
– producing successful tweaks on Smlove Pie from Veganomicon, such as triple chocolate truffle

Going to take a nap. More soon, ’cause I am going grocery shopping soon and thus will have refilled stores for baking my heart out… after I’m done being sore.

2 thoughts on “finally.

  1. Margarita says:

    Ah yes — now feeling ever so nostalgic about the olympics…

    Those donuts sound GOOD, even though I had to read your post three times to make sure you really had typed “bacon”. 🙂

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