ciao, gluten-free ann!

::Sigh::  Yes, a fresh post is long overdue.  While I am glad to be posting a fresh something for you, my little circle of readers, I wish it were a happier occasion.  Ann, one of the gals from the HR/Accounting mezzanine, one of my biggest supporters when I was transitioning to veganism, has left.  I am indeed sad, but very happy for her, as she is going to grad school so she may persue her desired position in hospice care.  This is not good-bye but more of a Tigger-ish TTFN, as we will surely met again.


That being said, I was flattered that the head of HR asked me to make a cake for Ann.  She is vegan and also follows a gluten-free diet.  I thought some on the little gifts she had brought me over time, like Ricemellow Creme or Almond Crackers, when I found the last of one of her gifts in the fridge: coconut.  The lemons in the bowl on the counter nearly jumped on me.  And I finally cracked open my bag of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free flour mix and xanthan gum.


I give you gluten-free lemon coconut cake:

The recipe… I could give you the basics but there are certain parts where I really didn’t measure. The two tiers are lightly-lemon’d cake, filled with Almond-Joy-esque coconut filling made from sweetened flake coconut and agave nectar. Each layer, and the sides, were brushed with sweetened-but-still-tart lemon juice before assembly. The icing is plain ol’ vanilla with more coconut sprinkled on top. It was light, tender and delicious; no one knew could tell it was vegan or gluten-free!


In not-gluten-free news, I also made some orange sherbet/vanilla ice cream bar inspired cupcakes, or, if you are a former Jamba team member like some of us, myself included, Orange Dream Machine inspired. They were orangey cake with sticky orange glaze and a vanilla-orange buttercream swirl on top. The swirl effect came out differently than I had anticipated, but apparently that did not stop the lucky recipients. My co-worker Jenn said that her fiance ate three on their drive home from work–which is about fifteen minute in commuter traffic. Apparently a “tell her I said thanks!” was said through the last mouthful of the third. Alex, you are so welcome.

ready for distribution

Made a double batch so I could share minis. Behold, the ideal mini size: not too big, not too small.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “ciao, gluten-free ann!

  1. mihl says:

    So nice of you to make the cake. It looks wonderful! I love anything lemon-coconut.

    What can I say about those cupcakes? They look so yummy, I would eat ten 😀

  2. tasteslikeyum says:

    Melisser – I was either Orange Mango Zoom no ice extra thick or Mango-a-Go-Go with strawberries added, sometimes Berry Lime Sublime… but never did I want Starbursts or any of that other weirdness!

    Mihl – though I’ve been tagged the official office baker, I am always flattered by the requests. I will be posting the recipe soon as I think I will be baking another one for my mom 🙂

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