it’s Sunday

Let’s all relax. I for one know that I need to calm the expletive down. What’s better than a hot cup of tea or coffee and a nice biscotti while sitting in a patch of sun? On a quiet Sunday, not much else. My thoughts wandered their way to a batch I made the other day.

for your morning coffee
So grab a cup of steaming something and swirl one of these yummies into your afternoon.

adapted from Veganomicon

Chocolate Dipped Almond-Flavored Biscotti
adapted from “Anise Almond Biscotti,” Veganomicon

My adaptations to the original recipe were minimal: I didn’t use anise or whole almonds, as I had neither. I was, however, a bit generous with the almond estract. Once cool, I dipped each into a melted blend of semisweet and dark chocolates. My first successful batch!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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