along the way

This picture makes me smile.

I made cupcakes–mocha cupcakes with real Peet’s Major Dickason’s, Chocoreale-assisted frosting–to test out my new silicone cups. As some of my bakeware had wandered off in the last few weeks, I left a little note on the white board (yes, I have a white board dedicated to telling everyone what I made) asking for the cup’s return, clean or dirty. Honestly, I was happy enough to get all my little cups back!  The cute thank-you was a bonus.

But isn’t it always?

Most of the things I love revolve around giving something to someone else.  Now that I think about it, even when I played soccer I was always second fiddle, outshone because I was not the one who put the ball in the net but the one who put the ball at their feet.  As much as I do love baking even when there is no one to bake for, I truly do appreciate all the little things.  The thank yous, requests, happy e-mails and dollars in the ingredient kitty all mean the world to me.  Truly, I am a lucky gal–there is a man who loves me and my kitchen habit, two adopted furballs who really adopted me, a family which has never discouraged me from beating my own drum, and co-workers who tell me to leave and open a bakery (where they can get free cupcakes once in a while.)

Sure, it’s Monday.  You could gripe about the fact that there are four more days in the workweek, the software has more than just quirks, that paycheck came and went.  Instead, why not grab yourself a little handful of happy and reflect on the good things in your life?

up close

[Note: In case you were wondering what I thought of the silicone cupcake cups, check out my flickr.]

4 thoughts on “along the way

  1. Margarita says:

    I love your kitchen habit too! 🙂 In fact, you’re inspiring me to start my own kitchen habit. My poor coworkers don’t know the meaning of dessert. They’re eating YUCKY stuff.

  2. cvc says:

    Biggus Dorkus here. I feel the same way about the silicone cups. We have only 4 (the kind with feet!) which we thought would be cute for the little tot in the house, but it definitely was a challenge to pry loose the divine treat!

    Thanks for the reminder to remember The Good! I’m betting your kitchen habit effectively helps beat back The Bad and the Ugly for all who benefit from it!

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