the Legend Sleeps

Christina Whiskhands Myth #15: She doesn’t sleep, she stays up all night baking.


Definitely a myth.  Merchandising is in full swing and the beloved job that fuels my kitchen experimentation has me quite tired!  However, all stressful days need therapeutic nights; mine are spent in the kitchen, of course.  Thus, yes, I owe a recipe for Strawberry-Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, but it’ll have to wait.  Please make due with some photos till then.

fresh from the oven
thank you Lolo of VeganYumYum for sharing your baked donut recipe; I promise I’m making good use of the original’

self-filling PBC cupcakes were made again, photos taken tutorial-style, kinda

chai spice cake detail
and I made up a chai spice cake recipe, which I used to attempt basket weave piping (it as for the July birthdays in CS)

Okay, Christina Whiskhands is going to get some sleep now.

3 thoughts on “the Legend Sleeps

  1. Mihl says:

    I just discovered your blog and spent some time here drooling over your creations. That cake is the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. Absolutely stunning!

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