peanut butter chocolate time

Yeah. Gail’s birthday cake, followed by filling a request for my boss’ favorite cookie (peanut butter with chocolate ganache) and quite possibly more peanut butter and chocolate later this week…

But then I just had to go and try to fulfill Isa’s request in Vegan with a Vengeance for more self-filling cupcakes.

self-filling pbc cupcake
may I introduce to you my version of a peanut butter cup – peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes


delicious innards
and did I mention the fudgy chocolate buttercream, vegan homemade ‘Magic Shell’ and PB icing?


Eat that big PB chocolatey icing bite on top solo and it tastes like a truffle. Kinda.  Might tweak the recipe and post it, might get lazy, might forget, we’ll see!  But I am still in the mood to bake, so there might be some more cupcakes coming tonight.

One thought on “peanut butter chocolate time

  1. Sarah (srasra) says:

    YUM. Okay those look REALLY scrumptious. I had peanut butter and chocolate ice-cream the other day…it was real good.

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