Brainstorm A-Brewin’

In my head, the ideas are whirling!  Thanks to twitter I’ve had some suggestions and recollections sent my way.  My thoughts are Mexican buns, jammie dodgers, chocolate digestives. Shortbread smothered in caramel and chocolate, handmade truffles, ‘American classics’ like Moon Pies and Nutter Butters.

You know you’ve got it bad when having only 3 cups or so of flour in the house makes you nervous.

With the rate I have been baking, it would be lovely to have more room, but truly, to use commercial bake space.  Larger counters, more room to move.  This little miss has been cranking out layered cakes,  dozens upon dozens of cupcakes, gum paste figurines, all on a counter that’s about two feet by three feet with an electric oven that rocks back and forth when you bump it.  Complaints?  None, truly.  I debuted a from-the-hip recipe today and it was a huge success!  Still, I feel like some star-struck fan, commenting on award-winning blogs of kick-ass veganites and authors while co-workers put dollar bills in the Tigger mug on my desk and quietly empty my plates throughout the day. 

Thus, the need to remind myself: everyone has to start somewhere.  My kitchen mission is surely lifelong and thus, this is just the beginning.

Truly, this second coming of kitchen passion began in our teeny tiny kitchen in East Oakland, where police lights on my kitchen walls was normal and if you opened the fridge, whoever was by the sink was then trapped.  That aside, it had running water and a gas range, a trusty oven and a fan for when things went wrong–and they did.  And still do from time to time, as they should.

Anyways, enough reminiscing.  Here are my latest beta creations:
– Lavender Lemon Cookies (could use tweaking, may revisit later)
– Orange Ginger Cookies (recipe complete–I like it as is!)
– Lavender Lemon Cake (recipe complete–what fantastic chance to get it the first time)

And possibly, what I’ll be doing this weekend:
– inverse whoopie pies, continued
– cream-filled snack cakes of some sort, perhaps Ding Dong or Twinkie-esque
– digestives (we’ll see if I can remember what they taste like, eek)

On to the stuff for your eyeball region.

Lazy dessert: leftover cake remnants, ‘caramel ice cream,’ homemade vegan ‘Magic Shell’
Makes for ice cream cake for one, nom nom nom

like creme brulee, cracking the top was seriously satisfying

named for my boss ’cause these are her favorite: Allycats (pb&c cookies)


top of the lavender lemon cake–I neglected to take sliced pictures 😦


One thought on “Brainstorm A-Brewin’

  1. Margarita says:

    Guess what? I just talked to my mom, and she said they didn’t use eggs in the buñuelos when she was growing up. This would have been in rural Mexico in the 1940’s and 50’s. She’d be willing to give us a lesson, too!

    Much later, she had found a different recipe in a Mexican cookbook. That recipe used eggs, so for years she used that one because the eggs did make it easier to roll out the dough. The dough is more resilient that way. Later, when she found out she had to control her cholesterol, she started using her old eggless version.

    I can attest that the eggless version was delicate and wonderful. There’s a trick to making the dough hold up. She would either make a sugar and cinnamon glaze, or she would just dust them with sugar and cinnamon. Good times.


    …your pics make me hungry! 🙂

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