Call for Ideas: Childhood Faves

Inspired by Jenniferschmoo’s post from Vegan Lunchbox about Lamingtons, in correlation with all that Harry Potter reading I’ve done, I’ve decided it’s time for some sweet exploration outside my own garden of eatin’. Thus, a call for ideas! This one is for everyone, but especially for anyone who grew up outside of the US–Argentina, the UK, Australia, wherever! (Just please let me know where your sweet is from so I can do it up proper.)

What were your favorite childhood treats? What are your all-time favorite comforting sweets that just say ‘home’? Or even things you probably couldn’t stomach now but fell all over yourself for when you were younger? What haven’t you been able to get your hands on since ‘the times changed’ and it disappeared off shelves? Let me know and you might see a rendition here!

One thought on “Call for Ideas: Childhood Faves

  1. veganverve says:

    In Philly, where I’m from, they have TastyKakes and I used to love them. My favorite was Butterscotch Krimpets. OMG, I want a vegan one! lol

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