I didn’t forget about Annburger

Long story short, Friday the 13th was made Annburger Friday at work in honor of Ann, my old boss in my old department, beloved boss of the gals in her department. In her honor, I ventured into faux food… food. Hence, beta inverse whoopie pies with coconut.

order up!
Ding! Order up!

faux food... food
a bit closer up; the chips were just plain bags of chips

me.  annburger.
for good measure, me and the non-faux food Annburger herself

One thought on “I didn’t forget about Annburger

  1. NeNe says:

    I LOVE ANN Burgers, and C’tina you are the best. Happy Early Birthday!!!

    World watch out, she is the next BIG thing 🙂

    The best thing about it/her she does all of this out of the kindness of her heart!! 🙂

    SEE ya soon!!!

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