vendor week.

My excuse is that it’s vendor week so I’ve been slammed at work.  I’ve been baking for the vendors, of course, but not posting anything.  Thus, this post.

I cracked into Vegan with a Vengeance Monday night. What I lacked in fresh fruit I made up in pretty fruity drizzled glaze stuff. They were delicious for breakfast, if I do say so myself.

Blueberry Blondies a la VWAV.


before cutting


Last night I was inspired by the pretty pictures in the cookbooks I was thumbing through. I too want to make something that could be eaten with the eyes! There has been a large star tip just waiting for me in a kitchen drawer, recently I bought some chocolate creme sandwich cookies in hopes of making something fun for my co-worker and her family… Thus, cupcakes, which were shared with vendors today, enjoyed by merchants and shared here with you.

i like. is good.

Grand plans for the weekend… but I’m not sharing yet 😉

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