photo drop.

Disneyland doesn’t favor vegans unless they’re willing to go somewhere that takes reservations. That being said, I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of Kari’s birthday cake! Cookies’n’creme covered in chocolate ganache, it flew with me from SFO to San Diego, surviving the additional drive down to Anaheim for pre-birthday night dessert.

Here’s you being brought up to speed on me via food photo drop:
Storyteller's Cafe
Breakfast from the buffet at Storyteller’s Cafe, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. Mickey waffles weren’t mine, but I do think I was the only one eating the baby broccoli. Yum.

carefully swirled.
I created a beta recipe for cinnamon roll cupcakes. Sticky yum.

icing with lemon zest
Made blueberry poundcake with lemon’d icing for one of our biggest vendors at work. Well received 🙂

mini or regular?
Chocolate chocolate with chocolate swirlies. Chocolate.

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday breakfast
Buckwheat waffles with homemade blackberry-strawberry coulis, or what have you. (Made the remaining strawberries into jam/spread, yet to be tasted.)

And just today, completed a surprise birthday cake for a co-worker. Thus, you get a few pics!

cherie's bday

cherie's bday

cherie's bday

More again soon.

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