tomorrow: mission vegan eats

I’ll try to keep this short; due to a heat wave, my kitchen has been lonely, and now that it is cooling down, I am going to try to squeeze in just enough baking to make a wee layered birthday cake. Why the cake, you ask?

character breakfast!

It’s Kari’s birthday Tuesday! She’s one of my best pals; we met first year in the dorms and can’t seem to stay away from one another since (and of course, we will both admit we should’ve kept on as roomies, but that’s a whole other story…) Regardless, I’ll be making her a cake of peanut butter and chocolate extremes.

In addition to said cake, I’m taking her to Disneyland.

Hence, the ‘mission vegan eats’ title. I’m sick of hitting up websites that are from 2006, or people’s blogs who say “Oh I got a list, here’s what I ate” without telling all the ins and outs. Thus, I want to try to get a full list of what’s vegan where, what’s in it, etc.

Wish me luck! I leave tomorrow and return Tuesday night.

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