un celebracion para cinco del mayo!

True, here in the US Cinco de Mayo has taken on more of a let’s-get-drunk-on-that-holiday-excuse sort of role, but I couldn’t help but take part in celebrating. Plus, what else do you do when you have been sitting on a teeny bottle of tequila Mom put in your stocking one Christmas?

My answer was natural: squirrel it away because it was cute and small, then discover one day a reason to bust it open. That reason? More Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Margarita cupcakes.

outta the oven - margarita cupcakes
fresh from the oven

Okay, here’s your warning I was lazy about the color balancing. The most accurate color for my cupcakes is the first one. Darker than I wanted thanks to my haste in adding more color, but conveying the point nonetheless. If I did them again, I would definitely do a few things differently, but they were successful for the occasion nonetheless (showing my co-workers my love for them. And cupcakes.)

freshly decorated

I let them chill, decorated, overnight.

designs were piped on, no tip
okay, okay, we ate lunch. on with the cupcakes!

Alas, when I was done making the margarita cupcakes in their entirety, I noticed there was plenty of icing to be had–and of course, precious droplets from my wee bottle of tequila going to waste!

Then I remembered: someone who clearly loves me had pointed out unsweetened flake coconut was on sale a few trips to the store ago. Oh yeah. You know where I’m going.

One VCTOW batch of vanilla cupcakes, lightly altered (some coconut milk and tequila, plus of course coconut) baked with some more coconut on top, they were lovely right out of the oven.

But I couldn’t waste that icing.

vanilla-coconut cupcakes w/margarita icing drizzles

But what of the folks who don’t like margaritas, lime or coconut? Perhaps a little twist on the old company standby, chocolate: miniature Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes. If only everyone could smell these whilst baking. YUM.


Celebrate safely, don’t overindulge, and take a minute to remember why, okay? šŸ˜‰

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