vegan eats in Seattle


Thanks to work, I recently took a trip to Seattle, WA, more specifically the Greenlake area. Hence, the above picture of these crazy sprout things I found right by the lake itself.

Let’s talk donuts. My latest obsession.<

Mighty O

Enter the goodness that is Mighty O Donuts in Seattle, WA, just a few blocks uphill walk from the lake. I read a ton of great reviews on, and hey, vegan organic donuts! I had missed hitting up Voodoo while I was in Portland, so yes, it was a must.

So glad I did. The quietly friendly counterman had straight red hair with a Kurt Cobain striped sweater, most likely purchased at a thrift store based on the size (tight, skinny, whatever.) Of course, I asked for recommendations. His favorites, the sprinkled and the french toast, sounded good, but I had to opt for the limited time frame flavor of cookies’n’creme, made with Newman-O’s (I think.)

Mighty O

It was good but definitely fried with no skimping on the sugar. I’m not used to eating that way any more, so it was a bit much, but I had to finish it based on principle before hopping across the street to the Beehive Salon (Aveda) to get my hair cut. Good thing I only put a spoonful of sugar in my soy capp, otherwise I never would have sat still…
Lunch was a whole other thing. I drove first to this vegetarian place, but was turned off by the fact that no one was there, and the wait staff was having take-out delivered. Uh, guesss I’ll go elsewhere. Thank goodness I did! The vibe at the Chaco Canyon Cafe was great. The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive, and you can tell they genuinely like their jobs and the local regulars.

Chaco Canyon Cafe - lunch!

Grilled cheez? Check. Split pea soup? Check. Raw kombucha? Check. It was tasty; I wish I could have eaten more of the grilled cheez but after I’d eaten one half the cheez started tasting weird. Maybe because it wasn’t as hot? I felt bad to waste it but hey, why make myself sick, right?

All-in-all, a good trip foodwise though it’s my own fault I didn’t eat more. Next time.

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