space cadet.

That’d be me. Space cadet.


In other news, here’s the birthday cake I made for a Sunday party at the planetarium at the Lawrence Hall of Science. This was Jamari’s second cake; I had made a simple one for his class involving a classic 80’s autobot and some red, yellow and green lettering in honor of his truly Rastafarian heritage. Plus, it looked good, and I personally love red, yellow and green together. Sad note: the pictures were deleted off my camera before I could upload them, along with the cake I made for Jamari’s little brother.  D’oh!  Oh well.  Their clan is killer; I’ll bake for them anytime.

I digress.

Here’s what the cake would look like in bisection if it were made out of text:
berry buddacream
berry glaze
golden vanilla cake
berry buddcream sans blue coloring
berry glaze
not-as-sweet vanilla cake with a touch of masa harina

And I made the berry buddacream using a vegan white chocolate frosting base. Oh yeah baby. I am very pleased to hear that everyone loved the cake, it was tasty and rich, and of course, that all the small children had blue all over them. As it should be!

Modified sugar cookies made up the stars, as well as the round cookie bearing ‘Happy Birthday’ that was supposed to be moon-ish. Well, I put silver sparkle on it if nothing else.

Two-tones of frosting smoothed over, then combed for texture. Piped-star accents, closer shot of the cookie pops.

Happy 8th Birthday (part II) Jamari!

One thought on “space cadet.

  1. cheriehill says:

    Thanks Christina for this wonderful cake! It was off the hook. Inside there were two wonderful layers of vanilla cake and berry filling. The cake reminded me of the sweet gooey cakes I had as a child. The best was seeing the kids faces and hands covered with blue frosting after eating it. A sure sign that they really enjoyed the cake. It was superb! I highly recommend it!

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