wait a sec…

Wasn’t it just January? At any rate, many, many things have changed.  I’ve made loads of sticky buns, made up a new filling and called them Belinder Buns (recipe/story to follow,) made Smlove Pie again… but first, the biggest new, I suppose.

 Our computer crashed, literally thanks to the cats, and a few other things happened that kept me away, but right before all that: I bought a URL!  Soon, I will begin building tasteslikeyum.com 🙂  Hurrah! 

The other big news is that I’ve changed departments at work.  I will no longer be baking for 30 people, but instead, more like a nice round dozen 🙂  Today was the last day for one of the Inventory gals, so I made another Smlove Pie!  [Let us not forget a cookie-crusted version won me second place at Thanksgiving!]  She’s an omni so I took advantage of the white-milk swirl chips I found in the cupboard and used them as garnish along the edge.  I wish I had taken a picture, but I left mid-day while everyone was still eating lunch.  D’oh! 

Now, for the Belinder Buns.

Belinda was one of my managers before I moved departments.  She loves chocolate more than anyone I know; if you think you’ve seen a chocolate lover, oh boy howdy, you haven’t till you meet her.  At any rate, I wanted to make some breakfast buns that weren’t sticky or cinnamon, so I thought of Belinder (the Aussie) and filled them with chocolate.

Belinder Buns filling
[(c) c.ignacio]

Mix together 1/2 c margarine (quite soft,) 4 TB cocoa powder and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract in a small bowl, spread over the rolled out dough.  Sprinkle with 1/4 c granulated sugar (I like evaporated cane juice myself) and 1/3 c chocolate chips.  Roll, slice and bake like you normally would!  

I’m off to eat a cupcake.  It’s Friday.  Let’s bake something. 

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