carbs & racecars

My sister gave me (well, by proxy,) two gifts for Christmas: a cast iron skillet with lid (someone please explain why it has spikes inside? It looks like it was made for medieval torture) and a bread maker. I got a Breadman TR88 Corner Bakery, or whatever they call it. At any rate, I love it thus far! Success has been had with white bread, wheat bread, half-wheat bread and sweet dough for cinnamon rolls. Observe:

mmm, grilled cheez on homemade wheat

with tomato soup, of course, for Sunday’s lunch (no it’s not floating–glass table)

as per Colin’s request, sort of, homemade cinnamon rolls  sticky buns. No icing necessary!

no icing needed
sticky yum. I was afraid using egg replacer would change the dough–nope!

Moving onward… Another co-worker asked me for a cake! This time, a racecar for a two-year-old. Apparently everything in his world is either “Racecar Mommy, racecar!” or “Spiderman, Mommy, Spiderman!” Thus, the racecar cake. Here it is in stages; this is the first time I’ve ever really carved a cake or tried a shaped cake sans fondant or gum paste structure. Do note, as the wee one is not vegan, I employed the use of some rice krispie treats in the cupboard for wheels.

racecar 1
I call this the primer phase: two chocolate cakes baked in 8″x5″ loaf pans, cut, stacked and iced to form… a stripped ’68 Mustang?

Loaf pan support. Yes, I have a Cuisinart and a stand mixer, but don’t have a lazy susan or cake stand. If you want to buy me one, I won’t say no.

Plus “paint” and piping detailing. Colin later pointed out that I should have hollowed the cake and inset the wheels like a real racecar. Dually noted for next time.

Lookin’ a little hoopty… Maybe it’s influence of my year in East Oakland?

Happy Birthday Rafael!

Not the best pic, but just to show

Should’ve taken pics in the morning… it looked better! Darker, sharper, etc.

And I’m spent.

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