photo heavy

I’m feeling lazy but guilty for not updating, so here are some pictures with captions! Woo!

One of my co-workers, Flo, has a beautiful baby girl named Kayen, who just recently started walking! She recently also turned one.  I was lucky enough to be asked to make mini-cupcakes for the occasion, as there was to be an open-house of sorts. I think it’s a traditional Argentinian thing? All I know is Flo wanted two things: citrus and dulce de leche, veganized.

lemon fluff minicupcakes with tart lemon buddacream (modified dulce sin leche cake recipe)

lighting by Colin

Buggy is helping.
Lovebug was helping with the lighting.

mini ooey gooey dulce sin leche cupcakes

After getting home from the party, all I wanted to do was make more cupcakes (perhaps because I was in love with my new mini muffin tins?) So I made more.

vanilla with white icing and flaked sweetened coconut

I modified the vanilla batter with spices and candied ginger, chopped up

spicy gingered mini cupcakes with tart lemon buddacream (candied ginger garnish)

Next post: adventures in homemade bread, another birthday cake for a two year old, and maybe something shiny

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