caramels, biscuits and buggy mc rodface

This was not really written today–it’s just a draft I thought I lost!  Wrote it… weeks ago, before New Year’s, admittedly.

Okay. So Buggy McRodface is apparently Lovebug’s new nickname (one of the cats.) This, of course, has nothing to do with anything, but clearly I had to include it anyway.

What’s new, you ask? My latest love is Alpro Soya Vegan Heavy Cream; you had damned well better believe that Pangea will be seeing another order from me shortly. Why, oh why must it be imported from Belgium? If we’re so awesome here in the US, why is this not already available in any store, or at least ‘every’ health food store? For as much as we rub our own egos, we suck in the ‘race’ to produce more sustainable non-animal products.
It’s $4 a pint. One 8’x8′ pan of caramel experimentation costs $8, more if I decide to sub out the light corn syrup for brown rice syrup or something to that effect. It’s expensive to eat better, but I’d rather pay that price.

Why on earth am I so political today?

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