adventures in marshmallowdom

Sweet Margarita has been bugging me to update, and yes, I’ll admit it–I’ve been lazy! But, there is much to share, so Margarita, consider this post in your honor.

A while back I placed an order with Pangea, and in it (among other things) I got two boxes of vegan “gelatin,” a kosher gelatin replacer made of pectin I believe. For a while I’ve been jonesing for a good cup of hot chocolate with a gooey marshmallow in it, and although Pangea’s VeganSweet line kicks animal booty, I wanted the homemade ultra squishy kind.

Thus, the need for vegan gelatin.

Over the weekend I finally printed the bookmarked pdf I found on Brownie Points and got down and dirty (did I mention sticky?) in the kitchen. Luckily my boyfriend was all-consumed by sports and grading papers, so the 10 minutes of whirring KitchenAid mixer was bearable. My first mistake was not preparing the gelatin the right way–I followed the recipe, which most likely uses traditional gelatin, and put the gelatin in cold water for mixing whilst the sugary stuff boiled away on the stove. This made for a big clear clump of gelatin goodness in the bottom of my stand mixer bowl. The second mistake I made was, well, not paying attention! Part way through bringing the mix to a boil, I realized I’d only put in half the corn syrup. Thinking I could maybe make something anyways, I let the mixer whirr on and boiled more syrup, added it all together, ran my mixer till it was putting off some serious warmth, waited 10 hours… and was greeted by a flat, white, sticky, uncuttable mess.

I’d use that little mathematical three dot pyramid that means “Therefore” but yeah. It didn’t really work. Maaaaan…

Light at the end of the tunnel? OF COURSE! There’s plenty today, but my lunchbreak is nearly up, so in short (till I make my second attempt):
– my Food Fight! order came today, and I shared almond butter cups with the vegan coworkers, which were a huge it
– the Food Fight! order included a different kind of gelatin, jambalaya mix, candy, non-dairy creamer, and “instant” seitan mix
– another Pangea order is on the way with what will hopefully help me make vegan caramels sans peanut butter
– I’ve got some more baking to do
– I’ve gotten my FIRST cake commission! My coworker asked for a cake for her two-year old’s birthday party.


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