thanks, isa and terry!

I think vegans ruled the Thanksgiving potluck this year at work, and I can’t say I didn’t have a part in it. I brought Tofurkeys and submitted two desserts for the “friendly” competition that goes with the potluck. While I’m rubbing my own ego, I also made color-coded labels that said “vegan,” “vegetarian” and “gluten-free” so folks could label their dishes, thus making choices easy for folks looking for specialized fare. It was easy and worked well, so if you ever have a potluck, see if you can make some of your own.

I placed second. I made both the cupcakes and pie like I said I would; my guess is the second place finisher was the pie. It was pretty intense, shall we say. These women can eat like you wouldn’t believe and this pie was decadent and rich to everyone; I don’t think anyone suspected tofu in the least, and I didn’t even use all the proper ingredients! The peanut butter caramel topping, it turns out, can also be turned into candy, which has proven quite dangerous for me…

I have to make it again to take pictures; the one I submitted was lovely, but alas, my batteries were dead, so sorry everyone, you’ll have to wait! Every vegan needs smlove this holiday season 🙂

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