potluck on my side

I am banking on nothing this year.

Until recently, baked goods I made never seemed to go over as well as I would have hoped at company potlucks. I mean, the peanutbutterchocolatericekrispiecrunch topped marshamllow brownies scored some points, but anything with that many tastes crammed into a 1x1x2″ bite has to be good.

Wednesday is the company potluck in honor of Thanksgiving, and I am sure that I will be amongst the few working on black Friday, picking at the leftovers perhaps, we’ll see. At any rate, I’ve signed myself up for dessert, and I want to win over the dairy/eggbase lovers too. I’ve learned quickly in CS, sitting next to Nikki who will try anything once, that as long as it tastes really good, no one cares what it’s made of. Well, most people, some you can’t change.

Here’s what I’m thinking; we’ll see how ambitious I turn out to really be:
– Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with cinnamon icing, bite-size (VCTOW, of course)
– Smlove Pie (Veganomicon, but really I was sold by the tale of the recipe being “What would Paula Deen make if she were vegan?”)

The pie layers are:
– cookie or graham crust (I’m thinking chocolate Joe-Joe’s; bless Trader Joe’s for making them like Newman-O’s)
– chocolate pie filling
– maple candied pecans
– peanut butter caramel
– chocolate drizzle
– drool, but apparently only if you spend too long staring

Sounds like a winner to me. Now may not be the best time to bust out gum paste and fondant; I’m going for yum factor. Christmahannukwanzahkah would be a better time. Besides, I just did a dancing girl on a rose covered cake for a co-worker’s birthday.

I’d rather sleep. Ha.

More post production 🙂

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