love you to the bones

On Friday, I busted out a lightly-adapted recipe from Veganomicon and a slightly adapted version as well. The result? Happy muffin morning for all! I made the Applesauce-Oatbran Muffins, but as I was sans outbran but had plenty of Bob’s Red Mill 5-Grain Cereal, I made the substitution readily. The first batch I made with raisins and walnuts; the second batch I made with Splenda instead of brown sugar, and instead of raisins I put a spoonful of Whole Food’s Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread (white grape juice concentrate, wild blueberries, fruit pectin, and that’s it!) While all twenty four muffins found happy homes, the bones did most of the showboating.

okay, so I’d lose points for presentation, but I was tired, sorry

brown sugar boneyard

Splenda graveyard

three of five skulls (added vanilla flavoring in case someone ate them, and cinnamon for an “old gritty bones” appearance)

detail in my hand
We think it’s a she-pirate. She-rate? Pi-her-ate? You tell me.

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