A little while back, I ordered a whole slew of items from my new favorite online non-clothing retailer, Pangea. Among the items I got was a box of Uncle Sam’s Instant Oatmeal (little packet kind) in French Vanilla because it was with soymilk! I got really excited, thinking it’d help stick to my ribs and get me through to lunch.

So here I am, the opener at work, and I’m not so sure about this sticky bowl of oats. Maybe more water?

::pitter pat away and back::

I just ran back to the kitchen to add the remaining water, and yes, it’s still a sticky mess. Taste it again. Still not sure. Smells good though, like lipgloss, not like oatmeal. HA.

My verdict?

Good if you like oatmeal. Not as good if you’re like me and you’re just trying to convince yourself you like oatmeal at all.

Sorry, weird food texture. It’s a no-go today. I’ll try again when I can add mix ins like raisins, dried apples, or my favorite, Trader Joe’s Chunky Spiced Apples.

Tonight’s adventure? There will be pictures from:
– making Sheila’s birthday cake for work
– possibly making pumpkin muffins or cupcakes
– possibly using my Sheese (smoked cheddar flavor) to attempt homemade mac’n’cheez

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